14 Nov 2018 – For L’Oréal, science and beauty products are a combination of expertise and sensitivity. The fields of research and innovation are not purely creative but also based on an understanding of customer needs and a view of the cosmetics market now and in the future.


L’Oréal’s research and innovation teams constitute a multicultural community that includes a large number of disciplines (over thirty specialisations) in every branch of science and this trend is set to grow in the future. These teams are driven by a shared enthusiasm: inventing and perfecting innovative high-performing cosmetics, contributing to the well-being of men and women all over the world. They achieve this by forever exceeding the boundaries of life- and materials-sciences without ever losing sight of what their customers want.

L’Oréal’s Research and Innovation is divided into 4 main branches: advanced research (developing knowledge in the major scientific fields related to L’Oréal’s business and the creation of predictive evaluation models), applied research (creating formulae and developing new product concepts), development (developing new formulae for providing the brands with safe, innovatory products) and support functions (regulatory affairs, patents, customer surveys, etc.).


  • Shawn Lim, Director of Singapore Advanced Research Lab, L’Oréal
  • Fabien Cabirol, R&I Asia Business Development Director, L’Oréal


Source : FCCS