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Name of our spotlighted French Lab member: Alexandre Chaumet

A very warm welcome to you!


  • Could you tell us a bit about what brought you to Singapore and/or what you do in Singapore?

I arrived in Singapore in November 2009 for a postdoc at the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology IMCB – ASTAR.

Last year, I joined Stronghold Diagnostics Lab SDL@Nanos – ASTAR as a volunteer to help for the setup of a high throughput Covid19 diagnostic facility.

I have recently been appointed as Deputy Technical Director of SDL to oversee the onboarding and deployment of new technologies related to Covid19 diagnostic on the top of being in charge of all the quality control and validation process in SDL.


  • In a few words, describe your main scientific/research interests?

I used to work on toxin modification to use them as carrier in order to bring therapeutics in cells. I am now mainly involved in Covid19 diagnostic process.


  • Could you share a few examples of what are or could be the application(s) of your professional activities (whether in the research, innovation or industrial field)?

Mostly Covid19 diagnostic, which is essential for the control of the pandemic.


  • Are you currently collaborating with French and/or Singaporean institutes?

I am currently working for A*STAR.


  • How did you first hear or come across the French Lab?

I got emails and got contacted through LinkedIn.


  • What do you hope to find in joining the French Lab Singapore network?

I would like to use this opportunity to grow my scientific network


  • What activities would best meet your expectations?

I would love to do “aperos”, meet ups, round table on some specific thematic, when it will be possible.