Anais Monet


Name of our new French Lab member: Anais Monet

A very warm welcome to you!

  • Could you tell us a bit about what brought you to Singapore and/or what you do in Singapore?

I always wanted to come here in Singapore for work. It’s actually an attractive place, you can get great job opportunities and without Covid its location in Asia is interesting.

  • In a few words, describe your main scientific/research interests?

I studied Artificial Intelligence and Data Science which means I can apply it to any field. Currently I am working on biology research projects.

  • Could you share a few examples of what are or could be the application(s) of your professional activities (whether in the research, innovation or industrial field)?

The applications are quite endless, it could be creating a Chatbot for any type of company (the ones you find on website everywhere), Deepl and Google translation also. Or you can apply it to images, for example in biology you can segment images and detect cells or nuclei. It could also be autonomous cars, finding patterns in a huge amount of data by analyzing them and so on.

  • Are you currently collaborating with French and/or Singaporean institutes?

I am currently working for CNRS@CREATE which is a collaborative project between CNRS and National Research Foundation of Singapore.

  • How did you first hear or come across the French Lab?

I have friends working at the embassy, so they talked to me about it.

  • What do you hope to find in joining the French Lab Singapore network?

By joining this community, I hope meeting all type of profiles here. That way we will be able to share experiences or advices.

  • What activities would best meet your expectations?

I would like to attend conferences, social gathering (formal or casual ones) which will allow to collaborate/discuss on projects but more about AI or Data Science applications or methods.