The french event Festival des idées highlights the complexity of our world. Since 2016, it fosters dialogue between the field of Science and Humanities, Research and Arts, to explore a major societal issue. Festival des idées, based in Paris, is a challenge to our preconceived ideas with researchers, writers, journalists and artists.

The world is saturated by stereotypes, fake news and alternative facts. The irony point is the symbol of the festival and reminds us of the distance we need to take to analyze the complexities that surround us and escape from doctrines. Creating spaces where all areas of research can dialogue helps us to change our perspective on the world. The search for knowledge calls for a certain humility.

Free and designed for all audiences, Festival des idées link a wide range of fields such as Humanities and Sciences, Research and Art, Campuses and Cultural venues.

Each year it takes up a major societal challenge and presents an original and unusual program of conferences, debates, meetings, workshops, exhibitions, film screenings, concerts, shows, etc…

This year, the 5th edition will be carried out online on 20 and 21 November 2020.

Discover the program of Festival des idées 2020.