The Embassy of France in Singapore is pleased to welcome the members of the French Lab for the start of the academic year 05 September at 9am.

Will be presented the brand new French Lab website meant to tight the community together. A newsletter will be released soon to keep you updated with the latest research events in Singapore. We will also talk about the visits of laboratories organized in Singapore including the SIgN laboratory and will discuss on the future visits! Interviews will be made regularly to get a glimpse at different active members of the research community and published on the website. This project “spotlight on” will take place with the Apéro des sciences every second Thursday of the month.

We will discuss the venue of two famous professors will take part in the Voilah! festival with two conferences organized in late October and mid November:

Jonathan Weitzman is coming to Singapore and will be giving a speech as part of the Voilah! festival 14 November trying to answer questions on the genome! The first genome was sequenced over a decade ago – it took years of collaboration between scientists around the world and cost millions of research dollars. But today it takes hours to sequence a human genome and it costs around US$1,000. Which means that we are entering the age of personalized genomics. But what does it mean to know the sequence of my genome? What does it teach me about who I am? Professor Jonathan Weitzman, founding Director of the Centre for Epigenetics and Cell Fate and Professor of Genetics at the University of Paris-Diderot, France will share with us his thoughts on the subject.

Philippe Sansonetti will launch the France-Singapore Science and Innovation Lecture Series organised by the Embassy of France in Singapore, the Collège de France and the National Research Foundation, as part of the activities of the newly established Joint Committee for Science and Innovation France-Singapore 29 October. Professor at Collège de France, Paris, and researcher at Institut Pasteur, Paris, he will be tackling microbiology and infectious diseases subjects.

Finally, we will present the incoming event 25 September that will be held in partnership with Euraxess at Alliance Française. Dr Flora Teoh, Science Editor at Health Feedback and Freelance Science Writer, Dr Linda Sellou, Lecturer Chemistry department and Coordinator of Science Communication Masters programme, National University of Singapore and Dr Angeline Rouers, Research Fellow at Singapore immunology Network, Scientific writer and Director of pint of science Singapore will come to make a presentation on scientific communication!

We will be welcoming you to talk about the future of the French Lab for the second half of 2019 with French coffee and croissants!!