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Name of our new French Lab member: Guillaume Raynal

A very warm welcome to you!

  • Could you tell us a bit about what brought you to Singapore and/or what you do in Singapore?

I first came to Singapore for an internship. I liked the food courts, the hot temperature and the nightlife. I then decided to extend the experience by enrolling in a PhD in NTU.

  • In a few words, describe your main scientific/research interests?

I am currently working on a new kind of optical fiber. My research involves knowledge about materials: I am melting glass at 2000 degrees to make structures respecting precise shapes at a micrometric scale. It also involves knowledge about waveguiding: the shape I am giving to the glass to guide well the light.

However, I am more and more interested in climate science and green technologies and I would like to shift towards these fields eventually.

  • Could you share a few examples of what are or could be the application(s) of your professional activities (whether in the research, innovation or industrial field)?

This new kind of fiber can withstand very high laser power and it can unlock industrial applications where high power needs to be guided safely inside an optical fiber. For instance, the ignition of airplane engines can be done with a laser. The laser can’t be too close to the engine because the vibrations would disturb it so an optical fiber helps to keep the laser remotely and safely guide the light until the engine. Booting up an engine with a laser instead of an electrical spark can help to decrease kerosene consumption.

Many other high-power laser applications can be unlocked by this new kind of fiber.

  • How did you first hear or come across the French Lab?

I heard of the French Lab thanks to its ambassadors who visited NTU.

  • What do you hope to find in joining the French Lab Singapore network?

I hope to meet people who may provide me with new work opportunities or collaborations for my current research work. I am also very open to any form of social gathering.

  • What activities would best meet your expectations?

An afterwork drinking/eating would be an enjoyable way to meet people.