Photo Sarah Chevrier


Name of our new French Lab member: Sarah CHEVRIER

A very warm welcome to you!


  • Could you tell us a bit about what brought you to Singapore and/or what you do in Singapore?

I got the opportunity to work as a Scientific International Volunteer (French VIA) with the CEA for SCARCE. SCARCE is a joint lab between the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, to develop innovative and energy efficient solutions to recycle and recover e-waste. After 2 years’ experience as Chemical process engineer on an industrial plant, this opportunity in Singapore allows me to do research for a sustainable and environmental cause and to discover new cultures.


  • In a few words, describe your main scientific/research interests?

My main scientific interests are chemical engineering and waste recycling.


  • Could you share a few examples of what are or could be the application(s) of your professional activities (whether in the research, innovation or industrial field)?

The application of my current professional activity is the recycling of e-wastes, especially the recycling of batteries, solar panels, printed circuit boards and plastics from all types of e-wastes to recover and reuse strategic metal resources.


  • Are you currently collaborating with French and/or Singaporean institutes?

The SCARCE lab, where I am currently working in, is a joint collaboration between a French institute, CEA, and a Singaporean institute, NTU.


  • How did you first hear or come across the French Lab?

When I first came to the French Embassy in Singapore, they presented the French Lab to me.


  • What do you hope to find in joining the French Lab Singapore network?

By joining the French Lab in Singapore, I hope to be in relation with the scientific community in Singapore to share our knowledge and experience in a friendly atmosphere.


  • What activities would best meet your expectations?

I would expect to attend conferences or to organise social gatherings in informal casual places (such as bars, restaurants) where we would discuss about different topics, to do laboratory visits, to help organising and take part in scientific or cultural events or collaboration launch around the cooperation between France and Singapore.