The 2020 PHC Merlion call for proposals is open until 20th September 2019!

2019 marks the 13th year of the annual call for projects for the Merlion Programme. Close to 200 bilateral collaboration projects have been funded since the Programme’s inception.
The PHC Merlion Programme is a Franco-Singaporean collaboration, managed by the Department for Culture, Education and Science of the French Embassy in Singapore, in partnership with Singaporean institutions. The objective of the programme is to develop scientific and technological exchanges of excellence between the laboratories of the two countries, by encouraging new cooperation and the participation of young researchers and PhD students.


The Merlion Programme takes three forms:

Merlion Project: Funding of missions between France and Singapore for researchers, post-doctoral and doctoral students involved in a joint research project. The financial support of a Merlion project is done in two ways:

  • Travel to Singapore for France-based researchers. The travel costs are borne by the French side and cover exclusively the allowances (EUR 200/day for a maximum of 10 days) and travel expenses of the researchers in the French teams (reimbursement of the actual expenditure subject to a maximum of EUR 1150 per return ticket).
  • Travel to France for Singapore-based researchers
    The travel costs are borne by the Singaporean partners, according to the rules of each institution, the daily allowances will be given for a maximum of 10 days.

Up to €30,000 over two years

Merlion Workshop: The workshop is to be jointly organised by both partners, the French and Singapore institutions. The aim is to lead to an eventual bilateral research agreement post workshop. The workshops could be held in either France or Singapore.

Up to €20,000

Merlion Ph.D: This grant allows the PhD student to spend up to 18 months over a period of 3 years in France, subject to a maximum of 6 months in any given year. The student will receive:

  • One return air ticket subject to a maximum of EUR 1150,
  • A monthly allowance of about EUR 750 per month,
  • A free visa,
  • Assistance to find accommodation,
  • Medical and civil liability insurance coverage.


Credits : Department for Culture, Education and Science, Embassy of France in Singapore